Jules Moorhouse

iOS developer

Speaking Times Tables

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Using the spoken word, interactive learning and fun multiple choice testing, Speaking Times Tables helps kids pass those all important tests.
  • Learn and then be tested on times tables, with amazing speaking sums.
  • Simple and clear making it easy to understand.
  • Fun and engaging sounds, with a cute monkey theme across the app.
  • Tells your child when they get a sum wrong straight away, showing the correct answer to make sure they remember it.
  • Final scoreboard with results to show kids if they went wrong.
  • No links to email, web pages, adverts or in-app purchases!


  • Universal device support - The first version of the app was designed purely for iPad. However, all of the images in that version have been converted into drawing code. This has made it possible...
  • Multiple languages - In the first version of the app we provided voice recordings, however these were only available in English. Although it would be possible to provide voice recordings in other languages,...
  • Siri / Voice Recordings - Siri has become an extremely popular feature in iOS and we have been able to incorporate it into the app. Siri is used in conjunction with recorded voices (provided in...
  • Multi student / device support - One of the most popular features requested in the first version of the app, was to allow siblings and school children to use the app and to allow students to...