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30 Mar 2019

Git subtree simple example

Recently I’ve been uploading several older projects to GitHub. Then I stumbled into a problem. I had shared VB.Net solutions,...

02 Mar 2019

Good chrome extensions

Here’s a a list of my favourite chrome extensions, I’ll probably add to this in the future. User Javascript and...

26 Dec 2018

Private Pod (Cocoapods) with VSTS / AzureDevOps

This is the first version of some instructions on how to create your own private Cocoapod and private specs repo...

12 Feb 2015

iOS Launch Day - Essentials

Even if you’re releasing the most unsociable app or a kids app (where you can’t have any links) always, always...

21 Jan 2015

iOS app launch - what I learnt

It’s been a few years since I released a new app, I only develop for iOS. My last couple of...

16 Aug 2014

My first iOS app

Speaking Times Table for iPhone was my first iPhone app developed in 2010, this is not on Github. Please don’t...