Jules Moorhouse

iOS developer

Speaking Times Tables

07 Oct 2018
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Multi student / device support

One of the most popular features requested in the first version of the app, was to allow siblings and school children to use the app and to allow students to keep track of their progress.

Several new features have been designed to achieve this goal.

From the settings within the app, you can turn on multi student mode. Here you can add new students and optionally enable the user toggle button. The user toggle button allows you to tap on the students name on the main screen. This enables parents of teachers to easily switch been students.

Several children or even a whole class can use the app keep their progression through times tables between sessions. We hope this feature will be popular in schools.

Here you can see that a student has completed some tables but is locked out of other tables until they have completed earlier times tables. This ensures that the student has completed simpler times tables before progressing on to more difficult (or more challenging) ones.

As a parent or teacher you can also manage your students and see an overview of their performance

We hope these features will be popular with schools and families.