My first iOS app

Speaking Times Table for iPhone was my first iPhone app developed in 2010, this is not on Github. Please don’t confuse this with Speaking Times Tables for iOS written in 2015.

Previously I had developed speaking times table software for PC CD-ROM which I sold on eBay. Back then the speech technology wasn’t that good.

But over the life of the software I sold 3000 copies. It proved very popular so it seemed a natural progression to move the idea to iPhone.

My wife and I recorded our voices for the sums. I chopped the numbers and symbols into sound files and played these in the app together.

At the time that was this was a much better solution and using the speech technology provided by iOS.

Design of the app was aimed at kids and I used you cute chimp images to make the app look fun.

I decided to move on to other projects, several years later I decided to update the app and make big improvements. I produce some good prototype videos and came to the conclusion that the app would need to completely rewritten. This idea developed into a brand-new app due to the effort involved. Speaking Times Tables for iOS was born in 2015.