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Pain Meds Buddy

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Pain Meds Buddy was written over a few months at the end of 2021 / 2022. It's written using SwiftUI. I wrote the app towards the end of my recovery from a smashed ankle, to improve my skills. Obviously, the need arose for such and app.

I couldn't find an app which notified you when pain medications doses where elapsed. In fact I was using two apps to acheive the same goal.

Here's a description of each screen :-


The main screen in the app has been designed to summarise medication and current doses. Here the user can quickly take the next medication and see which medication is running out.

When designing the app it was important to consider the key functions a user would need and how these could be performed quickly.

The progress circles show how long is left until the the user can take their next dose or whether medication has recently become available to take.


Here in the medications screen the user can see all the drugs they have setup.

They can also see an icon for which will make it easier to identify the medication at a glance.

A simple sort feature has been provided to make it easier to find medications if the list grows over time.

Add Medications

The add medication screen allows the user to setup details about their medication, the dose and how long the medication should last.

A gap time can also be used to space out medication taken through-out the day so coverage of the medication can stretched across the day within the maximum dose range for the day.

The user can also pick from a range of medical related icons and colours.

In Progress / History

The `In Progress` / `History` screens are very similar and either show available or taken medication.

The list of doses is grouped by day.

Add Dose Screen

The add dose screen is quite powerful, it uses the medications the user has setup and makes it easy and quick to add a new dose / take medication.

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