Jules Moorhouse

iOS developer

Balance Guide

27 Feb 2019
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Development History

Balance Guide was my second iOS app, which I’m proud to say is still popular. Since 2011 I have added many new features.

I have also restyled the app a couple of times as the design of iOS has changed.

I have a adapted the app as new devices have come along.

The driving force behind the app is that I use the app personally to help with our monthly budget. I have a team of “super users” who beta test new releases and have made many suggestions.

I’ve found it really useful to provide test flight versions to them and work through any issues that arise.

As mentioned I do use BG personally and have found it quite difficult to move into new projects and drag myself away from it.

It’s also difficult to add every feature which has been requested. Making these kind of decisions is hard and trying to determine what would be best for all of my uses.

I have to admit that I’d love to add some features to BG which I haven’t done yet. The reason being that I am concerned I could end up producing something that isn’t awesome and could create stability / scalability issues.

Having said this I do revisit these ideas often and evaluate new technology could determine if anything has changed.